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Animals & Insects
Create a buzz and have a real hoot! The bumble bee and the owl are just two of the hundreds of animal & insect Jibbitz that are available to decorate your Crocs footwear.
Doggies, Froggies and Moggies
Jibbitz have carefully created all sorts of four legged and more legged friends for you to collect, it may be your favourite pooch or something a little more exotic like the giraffe and zebra. The detail on these Jibbitz is amazing, these little shoe decorations really take on the characters of your favourite animals.
The Jibbitz will fit into all the holes in your crocs shoes, you can fill up every hole or just a couple, but remember with these animal Jibbitz, it will work better if you collect them 'two by two'!
All of your favourite Disney film and cartoon characters are here, Mickey and friends are ready to hop on your Crocs.
Jibbitz - From the Silver Screen to your Colourful Crocs
These Jibbitz are becoming the best sellers of all, so many famous names can be found here in all their Jibbitz glory, whether Pirates of the Caribbean floats your boat or you prefer life under the sea with Nemo and all his fishy friends, all the characters you know and love have been cleverly and carefully designed to look just like the stars of your much loved cinema favourites.
The all time heroes are here as well, Batman, Spiderman, Superman and more, so give your Crocs shoes some new super powers with these fun Jibbitz¡­ just don't step on any kryptonite!
Letters & Numbers
Here's a really fun way to personalise your Crocs shoes. The spelling possibilities are endless; create any word in jibbitz from your name to your favourite football team!
Time for a Spelling Test¡­
The letters and numbers are sold individually, so there are no restrictions on your vocab! Just collect all the letters and numbers you need to make up your very own personal Jibbitz word creations. These alphabet and numerical jibbitz are made in a black & white combination, which means that they will be well suited to all your crocs shoes, no matter what colour your favourite footwear is.
The Jibbitz simply push in to the holes in your crocs, they can be taken in and out and swapped about as many times as your heart desires!
Flags & Logos
Fly the flag and show your support!  The flag Jibbitz are a great way to show how proud you are of your country. Let your Crocs carry the flag on holiday, to sports fixtures and more. The Flag and logo collection from Jibbitz is always growing, and we are adding more countries all the time, we are sure to end up with a Jibbitz for every country in the world!
The crocs logo Jibbitz are a great way to show all around you that you footwear is the genuine Crocs article! Wear the Crocs crocodile logo with pride!
Symbols & Shapes
Put a smile on your face and your Crocs! The bright and cheerful smiley face Jibbitz is a best seller and a big hit with all Crocs fans; it's just one of Jibbitz that here at Jellyegg we like to refer to as the 'sunny side up Jibbitz'! This Jibbitz section hosts all the 'feel good' Jibbitz: its all hearts and smiles and feeling happy!
Jellyegg Hearts Jibbitz
The red heart is a good combo Jibbitz, it will look great on it's own but even better when it is combined with the other jibbitz to create something really special, just like I 'heart' you, I 'heart' crocs, or in fact you can show your love for whatever you like!
Flowers & Food
Everyone loves receiving flowers, and everyone enjoys some chocolate cake, so it's only right that life's little luxuries should be available in Jibbitz! There is a whole bunch of different flowers to choose from, you can pick from daisies, sunflowers, pansies and more! The very popular 'Big Flower' Jibbitz collections come in a range of different colours, and some even have sparkling gems in their centres.
Bite-size Jibbitz
Fast food or healthy snacks, whatever you taste buds prefer there is a Jibbitz to reflect it, Jibbitz have created everything from cheeseburgers to carrots and broccoli! Take a look at the Jibbitz menu and tuck in!
Gems & Jewels
Diamonds are a girl's best friend! But when the budget does not stretch to the real thing, how about trying some sparkling Jibbitz gems! These jewels in all their bright and glistening colours will add some real glamour to your crocs, the Jibbitz gems are a firm favourite with all the ladies and the kids love them too, you can turn day wear Crocs in to evening wear just by filling a few holes!
All That Sparkles¡­
The gems and jewels look especially good on the girly Crocs shoes, such as the Crocs Mary Jane and the Crocs prima, put some sparkle to your step and shine out in the crowd!
Seasonal & Holidays
Whether 'we're all going on a summer holiday' or 'tis the season to be jolly', there's a special Jibbitz to celebrate the occasion!
Jibbitz All Year 'Round!
The team at jibbitz have got together and come up with some brilliant seasonal designs to decorate your Crocs shoes and really get you in the holiday mood. If it's summer-break time, pick from the Jibbitz selection of scuba gear, ice creams, sun glasses and many more. The Christmas Jibbitz collection gets bigger every year; fill up those holes with Santa, Rudolph, snowmen, snowflakes, candy canes and lots more festive creations.
Springtime means the arrival of the cracking Easter egg Jibbitz and Halloween doesn't get left out in the cold either; check out the scary but happy ghosts!
Sports & Games
Your Crocs work hard for you, so make sure they play hard too! Add some sporty spice to your footwear! The sports and games collection of Jibbitz caters for all your sporting needs, if you are a footy fan or if golf is more your game, Jibbitz have scored the winning goal with these fun, sports inspired decorations.
Slam Dunkin, Hole-in-One, Back-of-the-Net Jibbitz
These sporty additions for your crocs make a great gift for all the family, all your favourite activities are catered for in this collection from basketball to tennis and from cycling to ice skating! So get your Crocs to the top of the leader board, it's what the holes are made for!
The Arts
Bring your Crocs alive with the sound of music! This collection contains all the musical instruments you could possibly need to start your very own Jibbitz orchestra! Brass band trumpets and French horns to electric and acoustic guitars, all these tuneful Jibbitz will certainly be hitting the right note with your Crocs shoes!
A Comedy Of Jibbitz
Theatrical Jibbitz are also playing their part, the leading role going to the comedy & tragedy masks understudied by a cast of other colourful and eye-catching Jibbitz masks!
The arts section will also lead you to books galore, so the stage is set for Crocs full of cultural Jibbitz!
Other Jibbitz
The weird, wacky and wonderful world of Jibbitz! You will find everything from gardening tools to a full set of teeth in this collection!
Pick 'n' Mix Jibbitz
The Jibbitz designers in the USA certainly know how to come up with loads of great and unusual ideas for us, there really is the perfect Jibbitz out there for everyone, dentists, doctors, nurses, bartenders, teachers, hairdressers and many, many more, this section is the best one to browse through, you never know what Jibbitz will pop up next!
Keep an eye out for the blue eye Jibbitz and get lippy with the lips Jibbitz, go mad and collect some crazy decorations for your Crocs shoes!
New Jibbitz
Always be up to date and the first to know about the new Jibbitz to hit the shelves at Jellyegg! We'll be loading all the latest creations into this section as soon as we get them, so your Crocs can be the trend setting footwear that you want them to be.
Jibbitz Hot off the Press!
As Jibbitz release more and more designs, we will be stocking all your favourites! The new Jibbitz will be showcased here as they arrive from the USA Jibbitz Headquarters, so whether it's the latest Disney film characters or new colours in your favourite gems you're after, remember to watch this space!
Not Giblets, Jibbits or Gibbits - they're called Jibbitz!
The Latest crocs craze is here! Crocs keep your feet happy, so now it¡¯s time to keep your Crocs happy! decorate them with the jibbitz they deserve!
Let your Crocs Rock
There are simply tons of jibbitz to choose from, so there is the perfect decoration here for all the feet in your family! it´s time to let your crocs rock!
The jibbitz simply push into the holes in your crocs, they are all easy to put in and out so you can change the designs as the mood takes you, there are no separate parts, the jibbitz is all one unit so no annoying little parts to loose.
Make a statement
The letter range from jibbitz is the ideal way to get yourself noticed, you´ve got all the letters in the alphabet to create your message, it can just be your name, your favourite sports team, pop group or even something slightly naughty!, it depends on how brave your crocs are feeling!
There are seasonal jibbitz too, so you can festive feet as well as the festive spirit!
Fill them up!
Jibbitz look great as singles or as a group, the design is all up to you and it can change everyday!, You can cover all the holes with sparkling jewels or you can just have one single smiley face, that the great part, its up to you and it¡¯s all a lot of fun, so come on and get those crocs rocking!
Croc o dials
Croc O Dial my number! We love these great Croc-styled phone holders ¨C they¡¯re scoring really high on Jellyegg¡¯s cool-ometer, and they¡¯re proving to be exceptionally popular with you guys too.
Hold The Phone!
They¡¯re made from Croslite, the same foam material from which your Crocs are made. They have the same vent holes too, which can mean only one thing ¨C Jibbitz! That¡¯s right, not only can you keep your phone safely stowed inside your mini Croc, you can decorate it just like a Croc too! Fill the holes in the phone holder and make it your own! Yeah!
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